Welcome to Overbooked™

What’s up everybody!! My name is Dale Cover and I am happy to announce my new app, Overbooked™, for independent creatives like you!!

The Overbooked™ app saves you time and makes promotion easy by helping you:

  • track your gigs
  • sare to social media
  • set reminders
  • get travel directions
  • and even comes with a free web calendar to make it easy for fans to follow along and show their support.

Plus, every Overbooked™ subscription gets you access to the private Overbooked™ community where you can connect with people like you, from all over the world.

Simply put, Overbooked™ is a platform to help you build a following and grow your network. And it’s more than an app, it’s a community.

Save time and make money with the first app for independent artists. Head over to the app store. Download it today. And get Overbooked™.

Join our beta program and enjoy access to the Overbooked™ platform absolutely free for 14 days. And as a way to say thank you for becoming a founding member of the Overbooked™ community, continue your monthly subscription for the discounted rate of only a $1.99.

Get your career on track. Get Overbooked.

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